Dreieck Energy is an energy storage system manufacturer, located at Hangzhou, China. We focus on the R&D and manufacturing the battery material, cell stack and system of All-Vanadium Redox-Flow Battery (VRFB), to provide premier service on design, construction and maintenance. Dreieck Energy equips such facilities as specialized VRFB production lines, comprehensive testing platforms for cell stack and battery system, and professional R&D laboratories for material research, electrochemistry, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.We provide our customers with economical, efficient and reliable energy storage system scaling from MW to GW.


  • “Dual Carbon”

    ● China's "Dual Carbon" goal provides new opportunities for energy storage development. Novel energy storage becomes the key support for peak carbon emission and carbon neutrality.

    ● The trading markets of green electricity, green certificate, and carbon emission will promote the realization of China's "Dual Carbon" goal.

  • Policy

    ● Energy storage as an independent market entity is clarified.

    ● The reform of the electricity market allows the energy storage to participate in mid- and long-term electricity trading, spot market and ancillary services.

  • Market

    ● The national guideline for novel energy storage: achievement of marketized development in an all-round way by 2030, more than 30 GW installation by 2050.

    ● Market size above one trillion RMB.

  • Income

    ● VRFB has low Levelised Cost of Storage (LCOS).

    ● The cost recovery period is decreasing by the increasing returns of energy storage, e.g. minimizing energy cost by energy storage on demand, ancillary services such as peak shaving, frequency modulation, etc.

  • Resource

    ● Vanadium is a non-toxic, widely applicable metal that is typically used as steel additive.

    ● Vanadium is a trace element in human body, can be applied as dietary supplement.

    ● China has the largest vanadium reserves, which is the key element in VRFB.


  • Energy Storage Station

    VRFB energy storage station (ESS) is a comprehensive-integration of cell stack, electrolyte, pumping system, battery management system (BMS), energy management system (EMS), thermal control system and other auxiliary systems. At nominal rated power, VRFB

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  • ESS for Renewable Energy

    VRFB can be used as ESS for renewable energy, including PV-ESS, Wind-ESS and PV-ESS-Charging System. VRFB smooths the volatility and instability and promotes the local consumption of renewable energy.

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  • ESS for DC Power Supply

    VRFB can satisfy the DC power supply which has high safety standard, such as substation, data center, base station and etc. It could be the UPS when external power is cut off.

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